Titanic, the Musical

About the Show

The musical Titanic examines the causes, the conditions and the characters involved in the tragic drama that played out in the early morning hours of April 15, 1912. This is the factual story of that ship—of her officers, crew and passengers. The show was written before the blockbuster movie that everyone is familiar with.

Titanic, the Musical opened in New York in 1997 and won 5 Tony awards, including Best Musical, Best Book and Best Score. Story by Peter Stone (1776, Sugar, Will Rogers Follies) Music by Maury Yeston (Nine, Grand Hotel, Phantom).

This is very much a ‘choral ensemble’ piece with lush harmonies and many opportunities throughout for the entire company to sing together. The story is told through music and dialogue.

The sinking of Titanic remains the quintessential disaster of the 20th century. A total of 1,517 men, women and children lost their lives (only 711 survived). The fact that this, the finest, largest, strongest ship in the world should have been lost during its maiden voyage is so incredible that this story still captures our imagination over 100 years later.

BCHS students rehearsing for the big production.

Cast of Characters

NOTICE: Because we wanted to include as many performers as possible, you should refer to the "Final Cast" list to see which doubled parts in the script pertain to you specifically. Sorry for any confusion!


Thomas Andrews — the ship’s designer and builder, late 30’s

J. Bruce Ismay — the ship’s owner, late 40’s, fastidiously dressed, dark hair and moustache

E.J. Smith — captain of the Titanic, grey-bearded

Murdoch — first officer

Harold Bride — radioman

Frederick Barrett — stoker, 24

Frederick Fleet — lookout

Henry Etches — senior 1st-Class Steward

Joseph Bell — chief engineer

Isidor Straus — 1st-Class Passenger; doubles as 3rd-Class Passenger

Ida Straus — Mrs. Isidor Straus; doubles as 3rd-Class Passenger

Alice Beane — 2nd-Class passenger

Kate McGowan — a young Irish girl

Officers & Crew

Lightoller — second officer

Pitman — third officer; doubles as Bandmaster Wallace Hartley

Boxhall — fourth officer; doubles as Taylor

Hitchens — quartermaster; doubles as Bricoux

Bellboy — doubles as 3rd-Class Passenger

First-Class Passengers (all double as 3rd-Class Passengers)

John Jacob Astor, 47

Madeleine Astor, 19 — the very young Mrs. Astor

Benjamin Guggenheim — an American millionaire

Mme. Aubert — Guggenheim’s French mistress

John B. Thayer

Marion Thayer — John’s wife

Jack Thayer — their nine-year-old son

George Widener

Eleanor Widener — George’s wife

Charlotte Cardoza, a handsome woman in her 40’s

Edith Corse Evans

J.H. Rogers

The Major

Second-Class Passengers

Alice Beane – middle-aged, American with middle-west accent

Edgar Beane — husband of Alice

Charles Clark — young, British and middle-class

Caroline Neville — young, British and aristocratic

Third-Class Passengers

Jim Farrell, a handsome Irishman

The Three Kates – young Irish girls

  • Kate McGowan
  • Kate Mullins
  • Kate Murphey


Frank Carlson — an American on shore

Andrew Latimer — steward in First Class

Stewardess Robinson

Stewardess Hutchinson

The DaMicos — professional dancers

Wallace Hartley – bandmaster

Taylor — bandsman; doubles as Boxhall

Bricoux — bandsman; doubles as Hitchens




Stewards — for all three Classes

Additional 1st-Class Passengers

Additional 2nd-Class Passengers

First Man — from 3rd Class

Second Man — from 3rd Class

Third Man — from 3rd Class

Fourth Man — from 3rd Class

German Man — from 3rd Class

Italian Couple — from 3rd Class; double as Mr. & Mrs. Astor

Additional 3rd-Class Passengers