Life After Cast List

Thank you to all who auditioned!

First Read Through - Wed. 10/14 5:00 - 7:00

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Life After! I was very impressed with all of the auditions and it made for some tough decisions. It was great to see so many actors taking such bold choices and making the material their own.

If you were not cast in this production, please consider being a part of our tech crew. If you are interested, please contact our Tech Director, Michael O'Keeffe - You all did a fantastic job and I hope to see you all at the next audition.

For cast members, we will be having our first full cast read through on Wed. 10/14 5:00 - 7:00 details will follow soon.


Mrs. Roos

Cast of Characters:

Narrator: May be played onstage or in voice over

Man: A man on a journey of self discovery. He does not know who he is.

Devil: A cliché stereotypical red devil with a soft spot for Starbucks.

Doug: A bubbly travel agent.

Barbara: A difficult and ornery patient.

Ann: An office nurse.

Tom Cat: A boombastic and quick tempered man.

Dr. Ray: An after life therapist.

April: A woman who is bored and looking for love.

Maxwell Pearl: An easily disgusted barista.

Larry: A locksmith with no charisma.

Lidia: A quirky receptionist.

Miss Celeste: A mystic.