Thank you to everyone who auditioned! We had a great turn out and I am so impressed with how many of you really gave it your all and put in the work.

Since the theater is being renovated this year, we are going to be performing off-site at the Egg. With this comes many challenges. One of those challenges being cast size. Due to restrictions, we were only able to cast a fixed number of students. Choosing a show that would fit this year's many limitations, led us to Chicago. Chicago is a fantastic show that features many female roles. It is also the longest-running American musical. However, it is unlike shows that have been done in the recent past as BCHS as it requires a different set of skills and talents. It is a dance show in the Bob Fosse style that requires many students to have strengths in the three disciplines of singing, dancing, and acting. Throughout the audition process, were were able to see so many students shine in one, two, or all three areas.

I am thrilled with the talent of the BCHS students and hope that those who were not cast will continue to audition and find other opportunities to be involved this year and next.

The first run thru is Wednesday 1/29 from 4:00pm - 6:00pm in G100. If you choose not to accept your role, you need to send an email to Mrs. Roos before 1/29. Thank you again to everyone for your hard work. I am looking forward to getting started. Also, regarding understudies, I will be reaching out to you separately to discuss expectations and responsibilities.

On behalf of Mrs. Dashew, Mr. Dashew, and myself - Thank you again!

Mrs. Roos