Congratulations to Our Graduating Seniors

A big congratulations to our 2022 Stage 700 seniors! We have been honored to have many of you as part of our productions over the past four years. Thank you for being a part of the Stage 700 family! We have no doubt that you will do amazing things and we can't wait to see what is next for all of you. We are all very grateful for the time we have gotten to spend together. From all of us at Stage 700 - Best of luck and keep in touch!

Devon Blackwood

Devon has had some of his best high school experiences and made some of his best friendships being involved in Stage 700! He will be attending SUNY Cortland in the fall to study Inclusive Childhood Education. Good luck to everyone in the future shows, he will miss you all!

Eileen Bronk

I have really enjoyed my times with Stage 700! I’ve met and worked with so many new people who I’ve really build a connection with, that’s what I love most about this theatre community, the connections are really strong when you’ve spend so much time making a show together. I’ll miss all the friends I’ve made in this theatre company, and the directors that have helped my skills grow along the way. I’m on my way to college at SUNY New Paltz and majoring in Performing Arts. I just want to send a huge thank you to Mrs. Roos, The Dashews and Mr. O’Keeffe for everything they have done to help me come this far, and I’ll miss them all very much when heading off “On My Own”.

Melanie Couillard

I participated in two shows with Stage700, Theory of Relativity and Les Mis and I had a blast performing in both of them! I'm going to Rochester Institute of Technology to major in Computer Science. Also, I’m a performing arts scholar at the college and will be participating in the band and musicals/plays that are offered there. I want to thank Mrs. Roos for the support and love of theater!

Megan Dellenbaugh

Stage 700 has been a wonderful experience! I have been with Stage 700 since 9th grade, with a short cameo in 5th grade as an orphan in Oliver. I plan to study English and Drama at Kenyon College. A huge thank you to Ms. Roos and the Dashews who have been with me for my whole journey.

Orion Dennin

Orion has completed nine shows at Bethlehem High, and he's inordinately grateful for the multitude of opportunities it's provided him to grow as both a theatrical artist and a person. From acting to directing to writing, Bethlehem Theater has shaped him into who he is, and will guide him to who he will be. Orion plans to pursue a major in American Studies with a pre-law emphasis at the University of Southern California as part of the honors program, and he hopes to use the lessons that Stage 700 and TWON have taught him to live laugh love his way throughout the rest of his life.

Dan Jantson

Dan enjoyed all the time he spent with Stage 700 including Titanic (Barrett), Chicago (Ensemble/Billy understudy), Theory of Relativity (Paul), and most recently Les Misérables (Jean Valjean). Dan would like to thank his family for their support through this busy year, as well as Mr. Dashew, Mrs. Dashew, and Mrs. Roos for the performance opportunities he has had throughout high school. In the Fall, Dan will be attending the Hartt School of Music for Music Production and Technology.

Abe Kauffman

Despite only being in one Stage 700 production, I had such a great time and made so many memories from it. I’d like to thank everyone that shaped that experience for me, and offer even more thanks to everyone who will continue to shape those experiences for others in the coming years. I’ll now continue to look towards the stage as I continue my studies at Wesleyan University.

Stella Sanles

Hello! I'm Stella Sanles and I worked on costumes for Puffs, Led Misérables, and Midsummer Night's Dream. I just moved here from New York City so my senior year is my first at Bethlehem Central High School. Working with tech crew and the actors was a wonderful opportunity and I've made many friends! I will be attending Hudson Valley Community College and I'm excited for what the future has in store for me!

Allie Seebode

Allie is so glad to have been apart of BC Stage 700 the past four years! She couldn’t have asked for a better experience, especially getting to play Fantine in this spring’s production of Les Misérables. In the fall, Allie will be attending Nazareth College to get her BFA in Musical Theater! Allie would like to thank Mrs. Roos, The Dashews, everyone involved in Stage 700 the past few years, her Mom, Dad, and amazing friends and family for always supporting her dreams!