Congratulations to Our Graduating Seniors

A big congratulations to our 2021 Stage 700 seniors! It has been a joy to work with you on stage and off. Thank you for being a part of the Stage 700 family. We have been honored to have you in our productions over the past four years and we have no doubt that you will continue to shine on your next adventure! From all of us at Stage 700 - Best of luck and keep in touch! You will be missed!

Caldonia Dickerson

Caldonia Dickerson (Senior, Backup Singer). This is Cali’s 4th and final musical at BCHS. She often sighs heavy as she nears the end of her High School career. She owes a lot to this school and the people who put these productions together just so she can feel the warmth of the lights and hear good harmony. The credit for her success goes to her real family who always encouraged her to be herself.

Aislinn Edmunds

This is Aislinn’s third and final musical on the BCHS stage. She would like to express her gratitude for the friendships she’s made and lessons she’s learned from her peers onstage and off who have truly impacted her time at BC. Secondly she’d like to thank her teachers, Mr.&Mrs. Dashew, Mrs. Roos, as well as Lisa Franklin and Charles Bergell for all of their support and guidance in helping her to be the performer she’s become. Finally, she’d like to thank her family for always believing in her. She is excited to announce that she will be continuing her time onstage by pursuing a B.F.A in Musical Theatre at Fredonia State University.

Ella Kasper

Stage 700 has allowed me so much opportunity to grow as a performer. I would like to give a huge thank you to the Dashews and Mrs. Roos for all of their support over the past four years, and to parent volunteers, tech crew and my cast mates. I will be pursuing psychology and theatre at Binghamton University in the fall. Having a performance this year was so special, and I am so thankful to have been a part of it.

Henryk Kessel

Henryk is delighted to be performing in his fourth and final show with Stage 700. He is so grateful for the opportunity to continue theatre through the pandemic and would like to thank Ms. Roos and the Dashews for the unforgettable experience! He would also like to thank his family and friends for their support. He’s looking forward to participating in theatre at Vassar College, pursuing a degree in International Studies.

Joe Mocerine

Music and theater these past 4 years have been a wonderful hobby and springboard for acting in my future, whether in musicals or movies. I've loved working with my fellow actors and actresses, for without them the memories I have would not be unforgettable. I thank the Dashew Family and Amy Roos for their dedication and commitment to make the productions possible, and I thank my family for always encouraging me to take pride in my acting accomplishments. I'm not sure what the future will hold, but I know that BC Stage 700 will always have a place in my history.

Tori Pistilli

I have had a wonderful experience in the 4 years that I have participated in the Stage 700 musicals. I have met so many amazing people and made wonderful memories I will never forget. I am forever grateful for my time with stage 700 and am going to miss it so much. At this point I know I am going to major in environmental science and I am not committed but I am most likely going to Binghamton :).

Lauren Quinn

Lauren has had such a great time being apart of Stage 700 and will miss all of the friendships that have been made. She would like to give a shout-out to Caitlyn, Tori, and Brayden for always making rehearsals so much fun, and for being such great influences in her life. Lauren plans on attending Loyola University Maryland and will be also apart of the Honors Program. She will be majoring in BioPsych on a Pre-Med track.

Shay Roberts

Although I didn’t perform in this year's show, I loved being a part of Titanic and Chicago. A big thank you to Mrs. Roos, the Dashews, and all the friends I have made over the years. Next year I am doing my first semester abroad in Ireland at UCD and attending Northeastern University with a marine biology major.

Bryce Swiader

Wow, what a crazy 4 years it has been. Theater at BC has given me so many opportunities and new experiences, as well as new friends. I would like to thank the many cast and crews I worked with over the years for being absolutely amazing. I would like to thank Mrs. Roos for stepping in three years ago and for making each production so fun and memorable. Another thanks to Mr. O’Keefe, Mr. Mysliwiec, and Mr. Nealon for all that they do and for always being there to make us laugh when we are all stressed. The shows, people, and experiences will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you everyone for everything, I will miss you all. -Bryce

College/Major: SUNY New Paltz, Adolescent Education (Social Studies)