Congratulations to Our Graduating Seniors

As our Seniors take their final bow at BCHS, Stage 700 would like to take this opportunity to give them the stage. We've been honored to have you all as a part of our productions (as dazzling performers, ingenious technicians, and indispensible stage managers) and will miss you as you move on to other schools and theaters. We have no doubt you'll do some wonderful things. Break a leg!

Faith Adamczyk

There have been so many people along the way that have made the past four years of Bethlehem theatre incredibly impactful. Big thanks to the Dashews and Ms. Roos who have given guidance and growth, all the wonderful parent volunteers who donate their time, crew with the art they bring and the hard work they do, and fellow cast members past and present who have supported, encouraged, and contributed to this community. Finally, big shoutout to Mr.Yeara (now retired) who believed in me and gave me the chance to believe in myself.

Next year I'll be starting toward my Acting BFA at AMDA in New York

Emily Begley

I want to thank everyone involved with Stage700 a huge thank you for these past four years. I am so happy to have been a part of theatre at Bethlehem, and cannot wait to see what the coming years have to offer. Thank you in particular to Mrs. Roos and Mr. and Mrs. Dashew for their incredible hard work. I will be continuing my education at Emerson College, pursuing a BFA in Musical Theatre. Although this is not the end I anticipated, I am grateful for the time we had and the memories made. Thank you everybody!

College/Major: Emerson College, BFA in Musical Theatre

Lovisa Falt

I am so grateful for the experience and opportunity to (almost) perform! As an exchange student, it's meant so much to get a new perspective on theater and American high school culture that I would not have been presented within Sweden... it’s not like High School Musical. Big thanks!

Catherine Jantson

I don’t know where I would be without Bethlehem Theatre and Stage700. Before I got involved, I did not quite understand what musical theatre was and the complexity behind it, and now, it has become one of my biggest passions. The shows I’ve done, the people I’ve met, and the experiences I’ve had will forever hold a special place in my heart. To the friends I’ve made, the hard-working parent volunteers, the directors, the student directors, and to Bethlehem Theatre as a whole: thank you for everything.

Chicago Bio:

Catherine Jantson (Senior, Roxie Hart) Catherine is ecstatic to be in her fourth Stage 700 musical! She portrayed Kate Murphey in Titanic last year at BCHS. Catherine also student-directed Frozen Jr. at BCMS. Thank you to Mrs. Roos and the Dashews for this incredible experience. Much love to Mom, Dad, Daniel, Michael, and Penny.

College/Major: Ithaca College, Music Education

Morgan Leonard

Stage 700 has always given me a chance to get into a leadership element, regardless of my position in the tech crew. While I’m disappointed I won’t get the chance to be Chicago’s stage manager, I wouldn’t change my Stage 700 experience for the world.

Chicago Bio:

Morgan Leonard (Senior, Stage Manager) This is Morgan’s fourth and final musical with BCHS. She would like to thank Mr. O’Keeffe, the Dashews, and Mrs. Roos for their guidance over the years, and her family and her friends for all their love. Morgan is so proud of the entire Chicago company. It has been wonderful.

College/Major: Saint Michael’s College for Spanish and psychology

Aidan McNay

I didn't initially start as a "theater person", but once I found the tech crew and got involved in the theater community, I knew it was my home. Nowhere else is there a group of people who will always support you while having fun and putting on a show. Theater has introduced me to many amazing people and lifelong friends. Many may wonder how we can put up with the long hours that go into every production, but the people always make it worth every second. I will miss you all (and will definitely come visit). Keep your necks warm - Scarf

Chicago Bio:

Aidan McNay (Senior, Sound Crew Chief) Aidan would like to thank the cast, crew, and directors for their support throughout the years, as well as the staff of the Egg for permitting the use of the theater. He would also like to thank his trusty companion, his scarf, for always keeping his neck warm.

College/Major: Cornell University anticipated major in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Regan Murphy

Chicago Bio:

Regan Murphy (Senior, Judge/Ensemble #8/Dance Captain) Chicago is Regan’s fourth show with Stage 700. She scared Dorothy and friends as a Jitterbug (Wizard of Oz), entertained Belle as the Pepper Shaker (Beauty and the Beast), and tragically perished in the North Atlantic in the 3rd Class (Titanic). Regan hopes everyone has a jazz-tastic time tonight!

College/Major: Regan will be studying Computer Science in the Honors College at Northeastern University.

Annika Pachter

Thank you for everything Stage 700! I’m going to miss everyone and I can’t wait to come back and see all the amazing future shows at BCHS! :)

College: SUNY Oneonta

Avery Roach

"Everyone works very hard to bring entertainment to the world. I hope to take that hard-working creative spirit with me as I move forward in life."

Chicago Bio:

Avery Roach (Senior, Harry/Ensemble #2) Avery is excited to be in Stage 700’s production of Chicago. He is grateful to lend his presence to The Egg in this show. As such, he would love to thank The Egg, as well as his family, and the Dashews and Mrs. Roos. It’s been a great four years!

College/Major: RPI to study Civil Engineering

Grace Spath

It has been a pleasure to work on tech crew throughout my years at Bethlehem. I will always remember the laughs I have shared and the people I have met through this club. Thank you for everything!

College/Major: Pace University, NYC: Undecided major

Juneau Wang

Chicago Bio:

Juneau Wang (Senior, Saxophone) After sinking on the Titanic in 1912 as pianist and violinist Bandmaster Hartley, Juneau has arisen from the Atlantic and rejoined the stage as a saxophonist in 1920’s Chicago. He would like to thank his wonderful mentors, family, and friends for all their support.

College/Major: Boston University to major in Biology and minor in Music Performance