Sweeney Todd 2024

Welcome! This will be the Costume Page for All Things Costume for Sweeney Todd.

If you are a Cast Member, this is where you will find information about trying on costumes (for MOST of you, this will not start until the end of FEBRUARY) and things you need to bring from home.

If you are a Crew Member, this is where you will find information about the costume schedule and what we will be doing when we meet (this will start JANUARY 30th)

If you are helping as a Parent Volunteer this is where you'll find the parent volunteer schedule and any sign-up links (these will also be emailed)

If you are a Parent/Gaurdian this is where you will find information about what your student will need to procure/provide/bring for their costume (this will be things like socks, tights, shoes, or undershirts/camis)

Questions? Concerns? Something you need me to know about you or your student? Contact me anytime at


Final Costume Try-On: Saturday March 9th: Ensemble to put on their costumes as able after 1:00 (Mrs. Roos will let you know more). Will be looking at you all as a group on stage at the end of practice and making some tweaks as needed. Please bring your costume shoes. 

Costume Needs for the Performances:

Female Ensemble: Light undergarments (white, tan, off white, blush); Socks that will not show over your boots.

Male Ensemble: Dress socks that match the color of your shoes; White undershirt if desired. 


**If you have ANY difficulty getting shoes, please reach out to Mary Convertino ( ASAP so I can help you get what you need**

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY NEW SHOES. Thrifted, re-gifted, borrowed, last year's model: ALL FINE. They DO NOT need to look like your friends.

All cast members should have their shoes by March Costume Fittings

Shoes: Male and Female Ensemble

A "lace up" boot. They need to be:

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY NEW SHOES if you already have something like these at home. PLEASE look at home and see if you have either or both. THRIFTED shoes are also totally fine. None of them will look new by the time dress rehearsals are done anyway. Also, it is fine if they are all different. Your shoes do NOT need to look like your friends. 

**IF you need to buy shoes, here are some links to suggested styles/types, but you DO NOT need to get the shoes at these links if you can find a good deal on your own**.

Parent and Student Crew

Schedule for Final Weeks:

Friday  3/8 4:30-?: Alterations in Conference Room

Saturday 3/9 10 - 5:30: Finish Masks (Ribbon, elastic, paint) and Petticoats; Alterations. Ensemble to put on costumes after 1:00; Add hats and make adjustments.  

Monday 3/11: No meeting. Get your homework done. LOL

Saturday 3/16: 10:30 - 5:30: Students and Parents: Ironing, Alterations, and Whatever Else: This is the last "work day" before the first dress rehearsal. Again, bring a machine if you would like. Happy to have as much help as needed to finish up costumes. If you can iron, there will be plenty of that too. 

Sunday 3/17: I have the conference room if needed. Hoping not to need it though

Monday: Dress Rehearsal (3:30- finish)

Tuesday Dress Rehearsal (3:30 - finish)

Thursday Performance #1 5:00 arrival

Friday Performance #2: 5:00 arrival

Saturday Performance #3: 5:00 arrival

Sunday Performance #4: 12:30 arrival