Mamma Mia 2023

Welcome! This will be the Costume Page for All Things Costume for Mamma Mia!

If you are a Cast Member, this is where you will find information about trying on costumes (for MOST of you, this will not start until MARCH) and things you need to bring from home.

If you are a Crew Member, this is where you will find information about the costume schedule and what we will be doing when we meet (this will start JANUARY 30th)

If you are helping as a Parent Volunteer this is where you'll find the parent volunteer schedule and any sign-up links (these will also be emailed)

If you are a Parent/Gaurdian this is where you will find information about what your student will need to procure/provide/bring for their costume (this will be things like socks, shoes, or undershirts/camis)

Questions? Concerns? Something you need me to know about you or your student? Contact me anytime at


Special Message for Female Ensemble about shoes: 

Sneakers: Money Money, Mamma Mia, Danicing Queen

Sandals: For everything after Dancing Queen

Special Message for All Cast Members:

I will be putting up a Costume Plot in the Props Hall for you to refer to starting Friday. It is a map of the entire show and when all of your costume changes are happening. If you have a Quick Change (the kind of change you will need helpers for), that is listed there too, but I will also be talking to you individually.

**IMPORTANT: If you have questions about what you are wearing and when OR if you just want me to go through your costumes with you, please just come see me when you have time. I will be at the school on Friday and all day Saturday.

Student Crew

Starting on Monday January 30th, we will meet every Monday from 3:45-5:30. 

Monday March 23rd

3:00pm - 9:00 First Dress Rehearsal

Parent Volunteers

We're off to a great start! Costume fittings will begin after the February Break. Very grateful for any help you can offer during these chaotic events, LOL

Future Costume Fittings:

Friday March 24: No meeting 

Saturday March 25: 10:30 - 3:30 (Cast/Crew are doing Full Run no costumes except Waterloo Costume changes) I’ll send out a sign up sheet to see who is able to sign up to help with the costume changes at this rehearsal.

Monday March 27: FIRST FULL DRESS REHEARSAL (I will send out a sign up sheet for the dress rehearsals)

Tuesday March 28: SECOND FULL DRESS REHEARSAL (Sign up Sheet)

3:00pm - 8:00pm (or until finished)

Run starts at 4:30pm after sound check

Wednesday March 29th: 3-6:00 Ironing and Opening Night Prep

Thursday March 30th: OPENING NIGHT! 

Friday March 31th: Performance 2 (Call at 5:00)

Saturday April 1st: Performance 3 (Call at 5:00)

Sunday April 2nd: Performance 4 (Call at 12:00)


**If you have ANY difficulty getting shoes, please reach out to Mary Convertino ( ASAP so I can help you get what you need**

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY NEW SHOES. Thrifted, re-gifted, last year's model: ALL FINE. They DO NOT need to look like your friends.

All cast members should have their shoes by March 3rd Costume Fittings

Shoes: Male Ensemble

Male Ensemble characters will need ONE pair of shoes for the production. 

They need to be:

Shoes: Female Ensemble

Female Ensemble will need TWO pairs of shoes for the production.

1. “Tennis” shoes for your everyday outfit. They need to be:

2. Sandals for the Bachelorette and the Wedding. They need to be:

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY NEW SHOES if you already have something like these at home. PLEASE look at home and see if you have either or both. THRIFTED shoes are also totally fine. None of them will look new by the time dress rehearsals are done anyway. Also, it is fine if they are all different. Your shoes do NOT need to look like your friends. 

**IF you need to buy shoes, here are some links to suggested styles/types, but you DO NOT need to get the shoes at these links if you can find a good deal on your own**.

Male Character Links:

Canvas "Skate" tie-ups:

Canvas tie-ups:

Canvas Boat Shoe:

"Leather" Boat Shoe:

Slip On Shoe:

Female Character Links

Sneaker Links (these are just some suggested styles but you DO NOT need to use these links)

Tom’s Slip-on

Sneaker Slip-On:

Canvas Tie:

Canvas Tie:

“Sketcher” Slip-On:

Sandal Links: these are just some suggested styles but you DO NOT need to use these links

Open-toed sandal:

Fisherman sandal:

Gladiator/Strappy sandal:

Sandal with neutral embellishment: