The following cast members are called for costume measurements and fittings.

Please come to the Faculty Meeting Room (across from the Main Office).

Female characters: Please wear or bring a cami for trying on costumes

** Have a conflict with your assigned time? Contact Mrs. Adamczyk at

Wednesday, February 13th

The following cast members please go to costumes before leaving rehearsal for the day: Juneau, Faith, Andrew K, and Peter D.

5:15 (after the Act II read thru) ALL 1st* and 3rd* class female passengers (including Allie Seebode) are asked to come to the costume room (across from the Main Office) to try on your costume. Please wear or bring a cami. Thank you!

*Maggie Seebode, Catherine Janston and Katerina Midskogen do not need to come at this time.