Welcome Parents!

The Bethlehem Theatre Support Group (BTSG) is comprised of parents, students, and community members interested in supporting the dramatic and theatre arts program at Bethlehem Central High School. BTSG members assist with the production and partial financing of the annual Theatre Without a Net (fall show), Stage 700 (spring musical) and Vincent J. Crummels Acting Troupe (spring show) shows at BCHS. Support from local businesses, community partners, and interested family members is always welcome! BTSG functions as the booster club for the theater and helps to defray the cost of supplies and production activities for students.

There are volunteer opportunities in the following areas for the fall show and the spring musical:

  • Set Construction and Painting
  • Costumes
  • Hair and Makeup
  • Concessions
  • Tickets
  • Publicity
  • Program
  • Flower Sales
  • Cast Party
  • Memorabilia

Interested in joining us? Please contact Tara O’Keeffe at


The monthly newsletter for the BTSG